We buy record collections

We are currently looking to buy large, well curated collections of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Classical, Rock, World music, MPB, Reggae, etc.

617-388-8400 or dave@recordbug.com

It’s all about the condition

People that buy records are very particular and have developed a system over the years to grade each album based on the condition.

Records that are in poor condition or have little or no resale value are typically less than a $1 each. Records that are in good condition and have an appeal to other collectors are more valuable, and they can be worth up to $5 each. If you have a collection of well cared for Jazz, Blues, R&B, Classical, vintage Rock, World music, Reggae, etc. and they are in very good condition we could pay up 25%-50% of the resale value.

Records damaged by mold, heavy smoking, water, heat, or animals do not have value anymore. Remember what we mentioned earlier about how particular collectors can be.